Protecting our workforce from the inside out

We’re using our technology to keep our own workforce safe. Here’s how we put Cue to work for us.

Andy Hudak, VP Program Management, Cue Health

They’re well-protected. They know they’re not being exposed to workers who are positive.

Andy Hudak

VP Program Management, CUE HEALTH

Carrie Dolman, Staff Scientist, Cue Health

Each employee scans their barcode at the start of the test and this unique member ID links the test result to the employee profile on the Dashboard.

Carrie Dolman

Staff Scientist, CUE HEALTH

Optimize any testing program with the Cue Dashboard

With built-in team management and communication capabilities, actionable analytics, and the ability to track important patient information, the Cue Dashboard empowers any organization to optimize their testing program and workflow.

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A Cue Reader with a Cartridge and Wand inserted sits next to 3 Cue Wands, 11 Cue Cartridges in an assortment of colors, and a screen displaying test results


Protect your organization with Cue

The Cue Integrated Care Platform delivers a fast, accurate, and scalable solution for organizations of every type and size, from business to healthcare to public sector, education, and more.

A woman holds a Cue Reader with an inserted Cartridge and Wand in one hand and looks at test results in the Cue Health App on her smartphone in her other hand