The Cue Dashboard

The Dashboard allows businesses, payors, healthcare providers, and public health entities to manage population health at the organization level. Cue simplifies the process with robust analytics, streamlined reporting solutions, and API integrations with existing systems.

Team Management

Seamlessly organize, manage, and schedule your team. Track results and the flow of information. All from one simple dashboard. Managing multiple locations or teams? The Cue Dashboard can adapt to meet the needs of your company, whether it’s a small business or a large organization.

Data Management

Protect user privacy while easily keeping track of important information such as testing history, direct communications, and employee contact information with unique member IDs and scannable barcodes.

Actionable Analytics

Access valuable timely data and analytics about your organization to help you swiftly identify trends and make informed decisions.

Direct Communication

Efficiently communicate with employees and team members directly from the Cue Dashboard.

One System, Any Industry

The Cue Integrated Care Platform delivers a fast, accurate, and scalable solution for organizations of every type and size, from business to healthcare to public sector, education, and more.