Cue is a connected
health platform

Every health journey begins with reliable diagnostics. With Cue, you can get actionable,
accurate health insights
delivered fast, right to your fingertips - all from a portable molecular testing platform that fits in the palm of your hand.

Cue Reader

When it comes to health information,
trust is everything.

World Class accuracy and experience

Cue's flagship molecular tests were developed over a decade, designed to be
reliable, accurate,
and easy to use for clinics, professional settings, and at home.

Multiple tests on one platform

An expanding menu of tests to diagnose the most common conditions.

With intuition at the core

We believe that the best design is intuitive. The best technology is invisible.

Cue is reshaping diagnostics

Cue is the first company to develop a connected, molecular diagnostic platform
for both home and professional use.

Cue Reader with Cartridge

A trusted solution

The first company to receive full FDA authorization for an at-home molecular diagnostic test.

Over 17 million tests sold

Manufactured in the U.S. and shipped around the world.

Over 275,000 Cue Readers shipped

To homes and clinics across the U.S. and around the world.

Never compromise accuracy for speed

With Cue, you get both.

Lab-quality accuracy at home

Don't spend days waiting for accurate results.

Information is power

Our tests give you the power to make informed health decisions for you, loved ones, or your patients.

By the numbers

99%lab-quality accuracy
The #1 most accurate at-home test in the U.S. for detecting COVID-19
Timely results
20minutes for results
Get COVID-19 results delivered via the Cue Health App to your mobile device
Accessible Care
300+board certified clinicians
We connect you with healthcare professionals you can trust
Trusted Testing
1.7million customers
Don’t wait for a lab to process your sample

Are you at risk for developing severe COVID-19?

Nearly 75% percent of US adults have risk factors for developing severe COVID-19.1 Answer a few short questions to find out if you have any of the risk factors.

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Cue is dedicated to your
privacy and data security

At Cue, protecting your personal information is a top priority. We follow industry best practices to protect your data against unauthorized access - ensuring confidentiality, data privacy, and compliance.

Cue Reader and Smart Phone with Privacy Shield

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