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In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cue sponsored a clinical study of the Cue COVID-19 Test at EvergreenHealth in the Greater Seattle Area.

Dr. Chad Crystal, President, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

The combination of the safety profile and the speed of the result should make Cue a winner in the marketplace.

Dr. Chad Crystal

President, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

Dr. Jack Handley, ER Physician, EvergreenHealth, Research Director, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

The reality is, it’s such a simple test. It doesn’t require any medical knowledge or sophistication to know how to do it.

Dr. Jack Handley

ER physician, EvergreenHealth
Research Director, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

Two gloved hands push a Cue Cartridge into a Cue Reader


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The Cue Integrated Care Platform delivers a fast, accurate, and scalable solution for organizations of every type and size, from business to healthcare to public sector, education, and more.

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