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In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cue sponsored a clinical study of the Cue COVID-19 Test at EvergreenHealth in the Greater Seattle Area.

Cue worked with EvergreenHealth in the Greater Seattle Area to develop a clinical study of Cue’s COVID-19 Test in their Emergency Room. The goal of the study was to evaluate the sensitivity and reliability of the test in a point-of-care facility.

Dr. Chad Crystal, President, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

The combination of the safety profile and the speed of the result should make Cue a winner in the marketplace.

Dr. Chad Crystal

President, Evergreenhealth Emergency Services

Dr. Jack Handley, ER Physician, EvergreenHealth, Research Director, EvergreenHealth Emergency Services

The reality is, it’s such a simple test. It doesn’t require any medical knowledge or sophistication to know how to do it.

Dr. Jack Handley


Two gloved hands push a Cue Cartridge into a Cue Reader


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