A smart healthcare solution for every organization

Whether you’re operating a large enterprise, running a family clinic, or managing a public institution, Cue® can help you make fast and informed decisions with accurate, reliable diagnostics.

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Empower your workforce to make informed decisions with fast, accurate testing

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Health management for your organization

No matter what industry you’re in, Cue empowers you to make timely, informed decisions and avoid costly disruptions with our fast, accurate, easy to use system.

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High efficiency

Keep things running smoothly with high-efficiency testing

With quick results and the ability to connect up to six Cue Readers to one mobile device, testing won’t tie up your organization’s flow.

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Flexible & portable

Test on-site, in remote locations, or on-the-go

Whether you have multiple facilities, require staff to test at home, need an option for remote locations, or have employees that travel often, the compact, portable Cue system is flexible enough to handle every situation.

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Future offerings

An investment in your company’s health

Designed as a complete diagnostic system, Cue’s future care offerings feature a wide range of tests and services including respiratory health, sexual health, women’s health, and overall wellness — all compatible with the Cue Reader.

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