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A Lab That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Cue is changing how people, organizations, and communities manage health by delivering fast, accurate, lab-quality testing where and when it’s needed the most.

Real-Time Results

Accurate results delivered in minutes, empowering you to respond equally as fast.

Accurate Data

Highly sensitive, specific testing capabilities ensure you always have the most reliable molecular results.

Seamless Implementation

Fully automated and designed to be easily administered at home or in point-of-care settings.

The Cue Health Monitoring System

The Cue cartridge

Advanced chemistry in every cartridge

Our sample-specific, single-use cartridges are designed with ease of use and user safety in mind. Every Cue Cartridge is compatible with the Cue Reader and contains the specific reagents and associated materials required to detect the target of a particular test.

The Cue reader

Efficient, accurate results whenever, wherever

The Cue Reader is an elegantly designed, automated processor of test results and is used with Cue Test Kits and the Cue Health App. The Cue Reader runs the Cue Cartridge and communicates the result of the test digitally via Bluetooth® to the Cue Health App.

The Cue health app

Connected and intuitive

The Cue Health App connects to the Cue Reader via Bluetooth®. It is designed to deliver a superior user experience in any setting, one that is fully guided, easy to use, and puts the user in control of their health data. The Cue App can connect with up to six Cue Readers, allowing for scalability in enterprise and professional settings.

The Cue Dashboard

Manage population health

The Cue Dashboard helps you seamlessly test, manage, and monitor test results within your organization. The Cue Dashboard streamlines reporting and simplifies the sharing of communications, such as test results, records, and patient histories. Powered by our analytics engine and role-based access capabilities, the Cue Dashboard can provide insight into an organization’s population health, facilitating efficient decision-making.

Planned Future Care Offerings

Designed as a complete diagnostic system, Cue is developing a range of tests in various areas including women's health, sexual health, and respiratory health.

Respiratory Health

Sexual Health


Wellness & Metabolism

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

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Be the first to learn about the latest news from Cue, including product updates, digital events, webinars, and more.