The COVID-19 test for everyone

Easy and intuitive, Cue fits in the palm of your hand.


Test your health, not your patience.

Cue's COVID-19 test matched central lab PCR results with 97.8% accuracy in an independent study by Mayo Clinic. Cue’s lab-quality COVID-19 test is fast, accurate, and available whenever, wherever. Cue's over-the-counter test is authorized by the FDA for adults and kids ages 2 and up, with or without symptoms. Easy-to-use and intuitive, Cue fits in the palm of your hand and delivers test results to a mobile device in 20 minutes. No prescription or training needed.

Test in four simple steps

Follow along on your Cue Health App to complete these easy steps.


Insert your Cartridge into the Reader.


Use the Wand to collect a sample from the lower part of each nostril.


Insert the Wand into the Cartridge.


Get results from the Cue Health App on your mobile device in 20 minutes.

Get more with membership

In addition to COVID-19 tests, Cue+ offers members on-demand access to virtual care, certified test results for travel, work, and school, e-prescription services when needed, and more.
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