With STDs in Women on the Rise: Why Prevention Is More Important than Ever

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In the U.S., an estimated one in five people have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) – highlighting the burden of STIs in America. In 2021 alone, there were 2.5 million reported cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, according to preliminary data by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

As the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continues to rise, education, screening, treatment and management has never been more important. 

Who Is Most Affected?

For numerous reasons, such as being more biologically vulnerable, females have a greater chance of getting STIs than men. For instance, in comparison to heterosexual males, women are 1.7 times more likely to get chlamydia and 2.8 times more likely to get gonorrhea. Younger age also plays a factor in both genders, as almost half of all new infections occur in people ages 15-24. 

Understanding your individual risk factors is key to making informed decisions to support your sexual health. 

What Are Common Symptoms?

Because some STIs don’t have symptoms, it can be hard to know if you are infected, which is why many people are unaware that they may be passing an infection onto their sexual partner(s). However, some STIs, such as chlamydia may present with symptoms such as painful urination, lower abdominal pain, bleeding between periods in women and testicular pain in men. Because some of these symptoms, such as painful urination, mimic conditions similar to a urinary tract infection in women, they can be easily missed – which is one of many reasons why prevention is so important. 

Always speak with your doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms of an STI or if you’ve been with a partner who is. 

The Importance of Prevention & Testing:

For those who are sexually active, correct and consistent use of barrier methods of birth control, such as male and female condoms, can help reduce the risk of contracting an STI. If you notice any signs or symptoms of an STD, it’s important to get tested right away, particularly because an infection can cause other health issues, such as STI-related infertility

At Cue, we recognize that stigma surrounding STIs is one of the reasons why people prevent and delay testing. However, detection and treatment of STIs is incredibly important for one’s health. For this reason and more, we’re now offering a test in order to provide a discrete and convenient at-home testing option to help women put their sexual health back in their own hands. 

To learn more about which STDs and how often you should get tested, the CDC has outlined a helpful STD testing recommendations guide. 

This information is presented in summary form, general in nature, and for informational purposes only. Content is not intended nor recommended to substitute for professional medical advice. For personal medical advice, always consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. The tests offered are subject to change and subject to availability. Due to state restrictions, this Cue Product is not available for individuals located in the state of New York. Other state restrictions may apply for specific tests. Please refer to our support page for detailed product terms and conditions.


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