From testing to treatment, Cue has you covered

Cue is the all-in-one, no-hassle healthcare solution that helps you take control of your health with testing, telehealth, and treatment. All from one easy-to-use app.

Access tests, get virtual care, and order medications all in one app

The Cue Health App offers convenient and discreet at-home tests and medication shopping, telehealth services, and prescription treatments, on-the-go and on-demand. Download it today.

A woman holding a phone with the Cue Health app displayed
A hand sticks a Cue Wand into a Cue Reader as a smartphone with the Cue Health App open sits in the background

Transforming Healthcare

Empowering individuals to live their healthiest lives

We are pioneering the healthcare digital transformation, starting with diagnostics. Since 2010, we have been working towards reinventing how we manage our health by making diagnostic testing available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

a patient-first approach

Innovation powered by medical expertise

“We want to empower people to live their healthiest lives. We believe that the best way to do that is by making healthcare and health insights more accessible and actionable.“

David Tsay, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Cue Health

A Cue COVID-19 Cartridge and Wand sit inside a Cue Reader next to a smartphone with the Cue App open
A Cue COVID-19 Cartridge and Wand sit inside a Cue Reader next to a smartphone with the Cue App open

Integrated Care Platform

Health in the palm of your hands

Our innovative Cue Reader is revolutionizing the way people connect to their health with highly accurate tests that take just minutes at home, work, or at the point of care. And with on-demand virtual consultations with clinicians and same-day delivery of medications if prescribed, Cue enables a care experience that goes from testing to treatment delivery in a matter of hours.

A man swirls a Cue Wand around his right nostril

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A Cue COVID-19 Cartridge and Wand sit inside a Cue Reader next to a smartphone with the Cue App open


One system, any industry

An accessible, accurate, and scalable Integrated Care Platform across business, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector, travel, hospitality, sports, entertainment, education, and more.

A woman holds a Cue Reader with a Cartridge and Wand inserted and looks at a negative COVID-19 test result on her smartphone
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Who we are

We are on a mission

We believe healthcare is ready for a simple, convenient, and digital approach for empowering each person. This is the coming revolution. Cue plans to lead it.

Made in the USA

Proudly designed and manufactured in San Diego

Our vertically integrated and automated manufacturing enables us to deliver the highest quality product. We’ve built our technology to drive innovation and respond quickly to customer needs.

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