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Cue for Schools

Safely and confidently return to the classroom with fast, efficient, on-site molecular COVID‑19 testing.

Testing that makes safety seamless

The Cue for Schools program is now available for use in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide, bringing the accuracy and reliability of laboratory-based molecular testing into the classroom. Results are delivered in about 20 minutes and the system can be used by anyone — it’s easy to use, automated, and doesn’t require any formal training.

The Cue for Schools program is designed to support you and provides the following features:


Fast and accurate: A fast, portable, highly accurate COVID-19 testing system that’s easy to use right out of the box.


Intuitive: An automated process from sample to result, including a guided experience on our intuitive app with how-to videos and user support.


Device assistance: Assistance through need-based loans of compatible mobile smart devices.*


Easy onboarding & customer support: Customized on-site or virtual support to assist with program onboarding and setup.

*Cue may provide need-based assistance to K-12 schools via a loaned compatible mobile smart device, which will be for a limited time and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Ready to bring
Cue to your school?

Testing process

Insert the Cue Cartridge into the Cue Reader to begin.

Collect a sample with the Cue Wand, a pain-free lower nasal swab.

Insert the swab into the Cartridge and the Cue Reader does the rest.


Automatically receive results on a mobile smart device via the Cue Health App.

Optional ability to communicate results digitally to staff, parents, or students in real time.

Designed to give you peace of mind

Lab-quality accuracy

Return with confidence.

In an independent clinical evaluation by Mayo Clinic, Cue demonstrated 97.8% agreement with gold-standard lab-based PCR testing. Molecular tests are also more accurate than rapid antigen tests when testing asymptomatic individuals.

Fast, actionable results

Identify and isolate positive individuals swiftly.

Results are delivered in about 20 minutes to a connected mobile smart device, allowing you to quickly identify and isolate positive individuals. Easily share, manage, and monitor results right from the Cue Health App and the Cue Dashboard.

No Rx required

Test anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Cue’s simple, intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to administer, from school nurses to staff. There’s no prescription, professional training, or CLIA certification required. And it’s completely self-contained so there’s no mixing of fluids.

Efficient & scalable

Save time and money with Cue.

Cue makes it easy to quickly scale testing up or down as needed without the need for added staff or equipment. Quick results and actionable data help save valuable time and prevent larger, costly outbreaks.

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Be the first to learn about the latest news from Cue, including product updates, digital events, webinars, and more.